A game to test your trivia knowledge!
SnabbaGame - Swedish for Fast Game. This game gives you a new trivia challenge each day. You can choose 20th century history or TV history. It doesn't take long to play, but gets harder each day you win.

You will be presented with a column of 5 vertical tiles. Each tile has a picture and a brief description of an historical event or TV show.  Your goal is to move the tiles around so the oldest is at the top and the newest at the bottom. Just drag and drop the tiles to place them in the positions you think they belong.

There is a new game each day. A game is composed of 3 rounds. Five new tiles will appear after you successfully complete each round. You have twenty moves to complete all three rounds. We also will keep track of your current win streak -- how many games you have won in a row.
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The Hint Button will briefly put an orange border around any squares you have correctly placed. Using the Hint button costs you one move. You may only use the hint button 5 times in a game. (As your win streak gets larger the number of hints you have goes down.)
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